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Project Lazarus and COVID-19:

 Project Lazarus is a housing and social service provider for vulnerable people living with HIV in New Orleans. As we work with immunocompromised individuals in a residential setting, we have taken extreme measures to ensure the safety of our community, while providing a continuity of care and resources to maintain as much calm and normalcy as possible. Our counseling services are being offered through Telehealth video chat, and we are hosting a variety of virtual meetings and activities to help reduce anxiety, from photography lessons to dog therapy.   We are committed to maintaining the housing, support services, and mental health resources that our community needs to thrive.  We are so grateful to Ashley Longshore, her team, and her larger community of collectors and fans for embracing our community of people living with HIV during this unprecedented time. Follow @ProjectLazarusNOLA

Second Harvest and COVID-19:

We are continuing Second Harvest Food Bank donations indefinitely!!! As of 3/30/20, we donated $15,891 to Second Harvest Food Bank because of your support!!!!  Second Harvest is responding to an increased need for food as families are out of work, children are of out school, seniors lose access to food and supplies, and quarantined individuals cannot access grocery stores. We are all continuing to work safely from home as a team!!! Your purchase will help those most in need! 

Me and my team love you and appreciate you sooo much!!!!!!!

I hoard beaded bags.... I am always traveling so I use them for accessories, tampons, hangover helper,  lipstick, moolah holders when I pack but also I love a lil bag that is a TWO-FER! You can use it as a clutch OR double down and use it in your current purse! You can put your “stash” in it... you can put your cash in it...  you’re welcome!  

Hand beaded clutch with sequins, rhinestones, beads, and a contrast zipper tape, Cloth lining with interior pocket featuring Ashley Longshore self portrait and signature. Includes limited edition dust bag. Dimensions vary per design.