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Embroidered Linen Napkins

$ 195.00

I love cocktail napkins. LOVE THEM... I'm southern... You have to have them... I've been gradually collecting linens for years, and they hold memories and remind me of people I love, people who got too drunk and threw up in the bathroom and people who ended up naked in my pool!  hahahah... I love this confectionary collection of hand embroidered linen napkins. My signature embroidered on the back as well! Woooo! These make a GREAT GIFT as well!!!!

Set of 6 hand-embroidered linen napkins - 6.5"  x  6.5"

The front panel embroidery: "the devil is a liar," "eat me," "sugar walls," "let them eat cake," "yummy," "have the cake eat the cake."

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