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Fuck the Garden Club Beaded Bag with Designer Silk Pouch

$ 480.00

Fuck THE GARDEN CLUB... my mother wanted me to grow up and become a member... But I could never get in because I am a big fat ho...  HAHAHAHA... But for real, these bags are amazing. Use it to carry around your moolah, the keys to YOUR Lambo, Fiat,  anything you want... This bag is HUGE. This bag will start a fucking conversation at the next garden party!  It can carry it ALL....  

Silk protective pouch made with Ashley's designer fabric as seen on PROJECT RUNWAY!!!!!!!! Damn Y'all!!!!

Hand beaded clutch with sequins, rhinestones, and beads. Cloth lining with interior pocket featuring Ashley Longshore self portrait and signature. Includes limited edition dust bag. 12"x9".

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